Audio-Visual stress reduction technology.

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“Raise your Vibration and feel deeply centered”

To experiment the power of “Simply Relax©”, put your best headset on, sit back, press the play button, expand the video to “all screen” and stare at the center of the screen.
The video last 7mn, and contains a sample of the advanced version in the end.

Breaaathe and simply relax!!!


Emotional stability / Energy Level Improved

  •  « Simply Relax© » brings harmonization and healing at the body-mind level.
  •  It is the cheapest, effortless, most powerful and advanced technology on this market.
  •  Inducing deep relaxation, calm and profound self-restoration, the use of “Simply Relax©” allows to accessing the most uplifting aspects of yourself.
  •  The power of knowledge synthetized in here resides in the magic coming from the combination of powerful sounds and visuals
  • This sequence will bring the best out of you effortlessly.


Re-center, Rest, Re-focus, Re-vitalize, and Boost up your performance level,

  •  The repetitive consumption of negative TVnews, junk food, lack or wrong type of exercises, as a contant targets achieving lifestyle leads to a burn out.
  • It brings the energy level down, thus affecting the mind activity.
  • Drugs, intoxicants use, constant goal oriented behaviour, do the same
  • This sound-light combination will be the perfect and magic match to put on hold any annoying situation.
  •  Just try and play Simply Relax©.


  • In highly stressed environment, experiencing anxiety, agitated mind, burn out symptoms, disturbed emotions, anger, sadness or confusion for instance.
  •  It will be your best friend in terms of decisions taking, as well as to accompany any recovery, calmness or relaxing process.
  •  Before speaking in public, taking any important decisions, if playing video games or experiencing stress for extended period of time, the play of Simply Relax is a must to rapidly re-assess any situation, ground yourself, and access the best aspect of yourself..


  • Just press the button play, keep staring at the center of the screen using your best and favorite headphone.
  • Then simply relax and breaaaaaaatheeee.
  •  Simply Relax© is a sound light convergence to accessing the core and best version of yourself.
  •  In the modern world, all recording are in 440 Htz, which triggers stress, unstable emotions, and negative mind pattern.
  • This 432htz recording will help you to grounding yourself as it will vibrate at the level of the organic vibration of the planet (8 htz) allowing a natural release of the blockages.
  • It clears energetic blockages using vibrations, by applying the law of resonance.
  • It helps the body to vibrating at its best level combining uplifting chosen visuals, and core-awakening sonorities


Effortless stress relief

Simply Relax® is a powerful technology combining uplifting and hypnotizing visuals, as well as core-awakening audio technology to bringing calm and balance with ease.

Sleep Improvment

Playing the sequence before sleep allows one’s energy to settle down and induces propper rejuvenation and sleep. It accompanies perfectly any recovery or relaxing process.

Emotional Balance

In highly stressed environment,one experiences anxiety, agitated mind, burn out symptoms, as well as disturbed emotions like anger, sadness or confusion.

. This sound-light combination is the perfect and magic match to put on hold any annoying situation.

Focus enhancer



Intellectual fatigue, leads to wrong decision taking, by playing this sequence, you allow youself to Re-center, Re-focus, Re-vitalize, Rest and Boost up your performance level.

It will be your best friend in terms of decision taking, public performances, cognitive situation analysis.

Magic Power

Just press the button play, keep staring at the center of the screen using your best and favorite headphone until the sequence stops. Then relax and breaaaaaaatheeee, it works like magic !


  • Simply Relax© and all Symbiosis™ products do not replace a balanced lifestyle.
  • Appropriated diets, exercises, rest, walk in nature and medical advice when necessary are the key to maintaining health on the long run.
  • Simply Relax© is not meant to heal any type of ailments, the healing process does require to pay attention to the full spectrum of the body-mind requirements. If in doubt, please contact us to enquire about it.
  • The use of Simply Relax© has to be cautious in case of epilepsy, or any eyes diseases, sensitivity to smartphones, tablets, radiation or mental issues.
  • If you feel playing the sequence triggers any unpleasant reactions, please do contact us to enquire about it, and stop the use of it in case of any doubts.
  • Please stop any other activities when playing Simply Relax, it does not help to have activities at the same time.
  • If you feel very relaxed after playing the sequence, make sure you are capable of starting any other activity requiring your full attention, especially if driving engines.
  • Do not harm yourself or others du to your lack of concentration or awareness.
  • Always listen to your intuition and common sense.
  • We have had only positive feed-back when experimenting this product, but we remain aware that some situations may not match the use of this product.